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The realisation of a dream of one woman working on the Cliffside with her gardener created the remarkable open air theatre known as Minack. The theatre clings to the granite cliffs of Porthcurno overlooking a spectacular panorama of rocky headlands, golden sands and turquoise sea. Every summer from May to September the cliffs resound to the vibrant varied programme of productions from Shakespeare to modern times including musicals, each performed by companies drawn from many parts of the UK.

Rowena's Dream
Written soon after the death of Rowena Cade, creator of Minack Theatre by F.A.Monk

Small bare plat, a grassy stage
And circl'd grass in ring of stone;
Rumpled rock and rising rows
With rising wonder overflown.

Small bare plat, a pavement stage
And circl'd grass in ring od stone;
Crumpled concrete gully-high
As spirits rose on wonder known.

Small bare plat, a pavement stage
And circl'd shapes within the stone;
Pillars, platforms dominate,
Self-seeded fruits still further sown.

Small bare plat, a complex stage;
Sculpted concrete circles stone,
Clambers cliff, square-crowns it where
Success built on success has grown.

Not bare; no plat; but crumbling stone
Encircl'd by the growth of age:
Is this the dream she dreamed alone
For Minack at its grassy stage?


Very few performances are cancelled due to adverse weather and audiences come prepared with cushions, blankets, sunshades, umbrellas and food and drink.
The story of the creation of Minack and its creator Rowena Cade is told in the exhibition centre which is open all year.
Minack Theatre today
Minack Theatre yesteryear
Rowena's Dream

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