Autumn - mellows from summer. The main change seen here is a reduction of visitors as children return to school. Gradually the colours change from green to gold. The purple moors darken to bronze. The days shorten but still the sea is warm enough to bathe in well into September and sometimes October too. This is the time for 'Twitchers' following the migrant birds on their journeys.

Winter - Atlantic mists roll in and out lending mystery to the ancient monuments and giving credence to the tales of wreckers from previous centuries. Apart from Bodmin Moor most of Cornwall remains frost free most years and only sees a fluttering of snow maybe once in five or ten years. In the far west Hydrangeas remain in bloom throughout the winter.

Cornwall is beautiful at any time of the year. Each season has its special attractions, which appeal to different people.
Spring - usually mild and damp with days of bright sunshine, ideal conditions for our many wild flowers. Daffodils can be found growing wild in the hedgerows from early March onwards, to be followed by Primroses, Violets and Bluebells. Many rare plants bloom here too. The strong westerly winds at this time of year encourage stray migrant birds as well as many sea birds. Nesting begins early too and often Cuckoos can be heard over the moors from February. This is the best time of year to view the many Gardens open to the public.
Summer - is welcomed in May with the traditional celebrations in Padstow with its 'Obby 'Oss and Helston's Hal-an-Tol and Furry Dances. May sees the return of Swifts and Swallows wheeling and swooping across the landscape. The Skylark's song reverberates across the empty moors and the garden birds are busy rearing their chicks. Every hedgerow is bursting with life and the flowers vie for space to show off their colours. As the Bluebells die back they are replaced with Campions, Herb Robert, Stitchwort and Bedstraw amongst others. The beaches and coves attract families to enjoy the sand and surf, rock pools and cliffs. The coastal paths are busy with walkers, but there are always deserted areas to roam even at the busiest times.