The Cornish dialect of the far West of Cornwall was used by Austin in his epic poem 'Petroc's Tale'. This is the life of St Peter told by Peter or Petroc as he would have been in Cornwall from the time of his becoming an Apostle to his call to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles. The inspiration for this collection of poems came from Austin playing the part of St Peter at the Minack Theatre one Easter in the 1980's. The last poem in the series was completed just two weeks before Austin's death. The entire collection includes 33 poems on St Peter's life and is available from Norton Mede.

Once, in the old days, I sailed on the sea;
When I can I d'still go on board.
But I'll tell'ee how suddenly life changed for me
On that day when I first saw the Lord.

'Twas brave and hot on that bright summer's day,
With nary a breeze to blow cool;
Jes' a raunish ol' padgypaows ruxlin' away
While a quylkyn craked down by a pool.

As I sat by the side of the salt-silver sea
By the nets crumpled up on the ground,
My soul, I was happy as happy could be
With the cheelder-vean coosin' round.

I had crowst in my bag, and a good dish o' tae,
An' nawthin' to do 'til the night
Save to beety a hole where the fish went astray
An' check the whole net was pulled tight.

So I worked off an' on on they net-knots all day
With the midsummer sun beatin' strong;
After crowst, gulgin' tae, my eyes teened; an, 'es fey,
'Twas a typical day all along.

"Fitty are 'ee then boy?" come a voice through the air;
I awoke to see Andrew had come;
My brother, 'a was, a big man an' fair,
An' his voice beat the air like a drum.

As us talked in the dimmity, slow-movin' air,
Strakin' along on the beach,
Us was conscious that somehow, us didn' knaw from where,
A stranger appeared in the seech.

"Knawest'n?" said Andrew. "Never seen'n." said I -
Next minute, i' facks, us was mazed;
His face was all gliddery, head held up high;
Us jes' stood there bedwaddled an' glazed!

"Who are you?" He asked, an' us scarce could reply;
Then I clunked an' said: "Fishermen we,
An' we'm jes' settin' out sir, now night's in the sky.
There's a catch to be had in the sea."

"Not just in the sea. Leave your nets." He smiled. "Come,
Do not worry - you'll see them again."
Through my still-whirlin' mind seared His call: "Petroc, come -
I will make you both fishers of men."