Some Cornish Inventors

William Bickford 1774 - 1834 Illogan
Inventor of the Safety Fuse used in mining for the blasting of rocks. His first Safety Fuses were made in Tuckingmill in Camborne in 1831. Production continued there until 1961. At its peak the factory produced some 300 miles of fuse a day.

Sir Humphry Davy 1778 - 1829 Penzance
Inventor of the miner's safety lamp which replaced the candles previously stuck on to miners helmets with a dab of wax. Naked flames underground could ignite methane. By enclosing the flame in a tube of metal gauze this did not happen.

Sir Goldsworthy Gurney 1793 - 1875 Padstow
Invented a road steam carriage tested between London and Bath in 1829 giving an average speed claimed at 15mph.
Built the first building to be built on sand using a concrete raft - 'The Castle', Bude, North Cornwall - still in use today.
'Bude Light' used by lighthouses where revolving frames gave a flashing beam and individual ones could be identified by the flash intervals.
Creator of stage 'Limelight'.

Michael Loam 1797 -1871 Gwennap
Designed and constructed first working Man Engine in 1842.

Richard Lower 1631 - 1691 Bodmin
First to experiment with blood transfusions.

William Murdoch 1754 - 1839 (Scot but inventions in Redruth)
1792 lit his house in Redruth with gas-light - the first worldwide.

Dr William Oliver 1695 - 1764 Ludgvan
Inventor of the Bath Oliver biscuit.

Andrew Pears 1768 - 1845 Mevagissey
Inventor of Pears Soap.

Henry Trengrouse 1772 - 1854 Helston
Inventor of a Rocket Apparatus used by Coastguards for cliff and ship to shore rescue.

Richard Trevithick 1771 - 1833 Pool
Inventor of the high pressure Steam Locomotive in 1801. A reproduction was made in 2001 by the Trevithick Society. The original is remembered in the folk-song 'Going up Camborne Hill'.